Janklab TODO


  • Documentation
    • Documentation for MDBC


  • Graphviz support, with class inheritance & structure diagrams
    • Generic Graphviz wrapper API
    • Class diagram generation code


  • Add spaces between output arguments in planargen code.
    • Or don’t. I’m actually not sure which style I prefer.
  • Change isna to be Octave-compatible, and respect the new ismissing indicators in recent Matlab versions.
  • Refactor the validators to just do all the name-gathering and message construction inline; it’s not worth having that reportBadValue; its error messages just aren’t flexible enough.
  • Get rid of the argouts in my validators
  • Maybe rename nop to pass to be like Python
  • cmp/valcmp support for strings and cellstrs
  • Rename slurp/spew to fileread/filewrite, to be like Octave?
    • Oh wait, Matlab has fileread now. So, probably should be filewrite, and ditch slurp.
  • Build binsearch_mex on Windows and Linux
  • Rename dataarray to xarray and fix it up